Eco School

Gardening and Eco Club


Gardening and Eco club meet every Wednesday lunchtime from 12.30pm until 1pm. We have members from across the school.   We enjoy growing vegetables and flowers, watering, paper recycling, litter picking, composting and monitoring waste and litter around the school.  We recently planted spring flowering bulbs and harvested our carrots which we planted from seeds last summer.  




We love to recycle fruit and vegetables in our composter – Roly Pig!

If you would like to be a parent helper with Eco Club, please let us know.


The Pod is a website with Eco activities, information and games for children. Staff also use the website in school. To access the site click on the link above and to register enter the pupil invitation code: EHALBN

​We are very proud of our Eco Schools Green Flag Award.  We were awarded our first Green Flag in 2011, our second in 2013, and our third in 2015.  Each time we apply, we have new recommendations to meet.  An assessor visits the school and talks with children across the school.  

Thank you.

Mrs Biggs, Mrs Taurozecius and all of the Gardening and Eco Club children


Eco Committee

The Eco Committee meets at least once every half term and is led by Mrs Biggs and Mrs Taurozecius. The committee has members from Key Stage 2. The committee discuss Eco issues within the school and work on projects which support this. Every day the children empty out their class fruit bins into one of our two composts bins. The children also monitor paper usage within their classes and ensure children and adults use the correct bins for waste, paper and fruit peelings.


We harvested the carrots we had grown

We harvested the carrots we had grown



We found some frogs and set them free in the Pond area.