Food and Drink

1. Are there any foods that are not allowed in the school?

   Due to a pupils severe allergy we are a nut free school.

2. What is the cost of school dinners and is there a menu?

   School dinners cost £2.20 and you can view a menu at

3. What should I give my child as their snack?

   Fruit or Vegetable

4. What should my child have in their packed lunch?

   You can find some suggestions for packed lunches here:

5. How long do children have to eat?

   The lunch hour is approximately one hour however most children are finished much quicker than this.

6. Where do they eat their lunches?

   Children eat in the school hall and occasionally outside when the weather is nice.

7. How many midday supervisors are there?

   8 each day with other members of staff on site.

8. The school is part of the 'Healthy School Initiative'. What does this mean?

   We promote healthy lifestyles through our teaching, learning and policies. See these links for further details