Forest School

1 What is Forest School?

It is an opportunity for learning in our Forest Classroom or Combs Wood. Each program lasts for 6 weeks. See section on website for greater detail on ethos and activities.

2. Do all the students take part?


3.What should I provide?

Children need to wear layers of warm clothing. We would suggest thermal vest and long johns, long sleeved top and tracksuit trousers, fleece jumper and thick socks, waterproof, warm coat and waterproof over-trousers, welly boots, hat and gloves. Children should arrive at school in all these clothes, please bring in a labelled plastic bag school shoes and a change of trousers( in case of muddy clothing). Children will change into shoes and trousers when we return to school.

4. Does it cost anything?

No, school meets the full cost of these sessions.

5.Where does it take place and how do students get there?

Some sessions 
take place on site, in our Forest School Classroom. Other sessions take place in Combs Wood. Students and staff travel by coach.

6.Can I volunteer to help?

Yes please, adult help is greatly appreciated. Sometimes grand parents enjoy helping on these sessions.

7. Are there personal hygenie facilities?

All children are asked to go to the toilet before travelling on the bus, and the majority of children can then last until we return to school. Once in the Forest children who need to go to the toilet will be escorted by 2 members of staff to behind a tree. Children will be provided with wipes if necessary. Before eating mid-morning snacks all children clean their hands using an anti-bacterial handwash gel.