Forest School

Forest School at Abbot’s Hall School

Abbot’s Hall School have been taking part in Forest School Activities since 2006.  This was led originally by the “Suffolk Wildlife Trust” and “Green Light Trust”. Mrs Mason has gained her Level 3 Forest Leader qualification and leads the sessions in Combs Wood. Mrs. Rees has gained her Level 1 qualification and leads sessions in our Forest School Classroom on-site. Pupils usually have 1 term of Forest School experiences in the Foundation Stage, and 1 term in Years 1 and 2. Our Forest Classroom is used by all classes throughout the year to support their learning across the curriculum.

Forest Schools was developed in Scandinavia in the 1950’s using a woodland setting as the “classroom” and facilitating learning through exploring and experiencing the outdoor environment through practical tasks.  It uses the varied natural resources in the woodland and the children’s interests to stimulate imaginative, creative and investigative activities.  In Denmark Forest Schools has been an important part of the early years programme since the 1980’s.  Research has shown a powerful effect on the children’s confidence, self-esteem and independence.  Although the Forest Schools programme has a structure it leaves lots of room for personalised learning opportunities and children will be allowed time and space to explore their own, evolving learning interests.

Adults are there to support and facilitate rather than direct. We welcome parents or members of their extended family, as volunteers to accompany us on these sessions. A high ratio of adults to children greatly increases the range of activities we can explore.  We work in partnership to ensure the children get the very most from their visits.

Activities for at home!

Have a look at the nature detective booklets below and see if you can try some of the exciting and fun activities at home. Explore your outside area to try and find the resources needed and talk about your learning and creations at your next forest school session. Ask a grown up for some help if you get stuck. We would love for you to share your art work and forest models with us at school.


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Booklet 2

Booklet 3

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