Free School Meals and Pupil Premium

Free School Meals and Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium Grant?

Pupil Premium Grant is funding allocated to schools for the purpose of boosting the attainment of pupils from low income families. It is intended to enable schools to provide targeted support to help children reach their full potential.

Funding is allocated for children who are registered for Free School Meals or have been in the previous six years.

How is the money spent?

We use the Pupil Premium Grant to, when applicable, narrow the attainment gap between those pupils in our lowest income families and the rest of the school population. We do this with, amongst other things, extra classroom support, one to one tuition and small group work. Funding is also used to embellish the curriculum, for school trips, gym trail, residentials and other extra-curricular activities.

Who will know that my child receives Pupil Premium?

The Headteacher, school office and the class teacher will know. Your child will not be identified to other pupils or parent helpers as receiving the premium as they do not need to state that they are having a free school meal, they just say ‘school dinner’ or ‘packed lunch’  the same as everyone else

How do I apply?

Parents must apply for free school meals via the County Council or their child’s school, this is a quick and simple process. Telephone 0845 606 6067 with your National Insurance Number, date of birth, name and child’s details and an eligibility check can be carried out using the Department for Education’s Eligibility Checking System, this will confirm if details have been matched or not. It will not tell us what benefits you are in receipt of, dates when a benefit was awarded or say how much you receive. Confirmation will be sent to you and the school within 5-10 working days. You can also apply by completing the application form here or online at the website below.

Further information is available on Suffolk County Council’s website at:

What benefits will my child receive?

In addition the extra support your child will receive in school we also offer the following benefits:

·         A minimum  of a 25% reduction in the cost of all school trips

·         Voucher for one free School Book Bag

·         Voucher for one free School Sweatshirt

Pupils do not have to take up their entitlement to a free meal but Local Authorities and schools recommend that they do.

All children up to year 2 receive free school meals, above this any child qualifying for Pupil Premium will continue to receive free school meals if their parent/carer applies.