Home-School Communication

1. What do I do if my child is poorly at home on a school day?

     Please telephone the school before 10a.m. to let us know.

2. How can I find out school term dates?

     These are found on the school website and the newsletter.

3. How will I know if the school closes for bad weather or any other reason?

     We will inform parents by 'Parentmail', on the school website, Suffolk County Council website http://schoolclosures.suffolk.gov.uk  and also inform Radio Suffolk and Heart.

4. Can I take my child out of school for holidays and appointments?

   Speak to the school office

5. Can I request information to be displayed in the school playground notice board?

   Speak to the school office

6. When is the best time to talk to the teacher?

   If possible arrange an appointment with the school office, otherwise the teacher may be available at the end of school.

7. If I have a complaint, who should I speak to?

   Please speak to the class teacher first and if you feel the problem has not been resolved please arrange an appointment with the headteacher.

8. Where can I buy the school logo uniform?

   Inces, Ipswich Street, Stowmarket

9. How can I find out how well my child is doing?

   There are termly parents consultation evenings or if you feel there is something urgent you can speak to the class teacher.

10. Can I find out what is being taught in school?

  Curriculum booklets are sent home termly and are also on the website. You can also see the Key Stage pages on the website.

11. Can anyone help in the school, and in what ways can I help?

   If you would like to help in the class please speak to the class teacher.

12. What happens if my child has an accident during school time?

  Minor accidents will be dealt with in school and you will receive an accident form at the end of the day. If it is a bump to the head we will telephone to advise you and keep an eye on your child for any changes. For more serious incidents we will contact you as soon as possible and the emergency services if required.

  For toilet accidents the child will be supervised by two adults to clean themselves up, if this is not possible one of the adults will assist. An intimate care form will come home with your child.

13. What happens if my child is taken ill during school time?

   We will phone for your child to be collected.

14. What will happen if we are late to school?

   You will need to come in through the school office and sign your child into school, as they will not be in the register.  If they arrive after 9a.m. they will be marked as an unauthorised absence and if they are persistently late will receive a letter from the headteacher or will be referred to the Educational Welfare Officer.

15. Does my child have to bring in their own pencil case etc?

   No, all equipment is provided by the school.

16. Does the school provide fruit/drink snacks?

   One fruit snack is provided for Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage and water is available from the fountains and at lunchtimes.

17. How can I find out the school hot dinner menu?

This can be found at:


or you can ask at the school office.

18. Do I pay daily for school dinners?

Please send dinner money for the week in an envelope on Monday morning with your child's name and class written on. You can pay for the term in advance if you wish.

19. Will my child's packed lunch be checked for how much has been eaten?

Midday supervisors will check your child's packed lunch box and encourage them to eat the food. Please do not pack more than your child normally eats, for choice, as they will be encouraged to eat it all.

20. Can my child come home for dinner?

Children normally stay at school for dinner.

21. Does the school have facilities before and after school hours?

   Please see the link on the homepage for the Out of School Club

22. How do I find out about school clubs?

   Please see the school clubs tab on the website

23. What is the list of foods not accepted in school?

   We are a 'nut free school' please see the list with the letters to parents on the website.