How to help my child at home

1. My child talks about Mathletics, I'm not sure what it is or how it works?

   This is the link to the website

2. What is a Maths Monkey and what should I do with it?

   Each maths group has a maths monkey and a bag of equipment. When your child brings home the maths monkey you can try any form of maths you wish and record what you have done in the monkey's passport.

E.g. practise your child's learning, baking (measuring out ingredients), measuring, games (eg board games using dice), shopping (adding up totals) or card games.

You can record using drawings, photos or notes.

3. What resources can I use at home to support my child with all learning?

   Play games with your child, anything that involves numbers (e.g. card games, board games, hopscotch, counting games).

4. How do I know if I am helping my child to sound out words correctly in their reading books?

   Break each word down phonetically, look for words with similar patterns.