1. When a cheque payment is required, i.e. meals or school trips, who should the cheques be payable to?

   Abbot's Hall Primary School

2. When do pupils at Abbot's Hall start swimming lessons?

   Swimming lessons take place at the Stowmarket Leisure Centre when your child is in year 3, they are supervised by a teacher and teaching assistant.

3. My child is an able learner, will they be challenged?

   Yes, all children are challenged. Please speak to the class teacher with any concerns.

4. If a child needs holiday time off during a school term, is this allowed, if so what is the procedure, notice required and to whom?

   Please come to the school office for a holiday form and leaflet with all the information.

5. How many children do you have in a class?

   Between 22 and 29 at present.

6. Will my child be taught with children of a similar ability?

   Some lessons are taught in ability groups, please speak to the class teacher for more details.