Parking and Walking Bus

1. Where can I park around the school?

   We recommend you park in the Asda long stay car park and walk through the footpath to the school. A walking bus is available from the museum entrance and a car park pass can be obtained from the school. There is limited roadside parking.

2. How do I get a permit for the Iliffe Way car park?

   Please ask at the school office.

3. Where and when is it valid?

   Iliffe Way (Asda) long stay car park for half an hour at the beginning and end of school.

4. Do I have to pay for the car park ticket?

   No the pass is free

5. What is the Walking Bus?

   The Walking Bus is made up of a teaching assistant, who acts as a ‘driver’ and ‘conductor’, plus other volunteers to escort a group of children walking along a route through the museum grounds to and from the school.

6. What time do I drop and collect my child?

   Drop off from 8.20am adjacent to the Tourist Information Centre, just inside the Museum grounds. The bus will leave at 8.30am and if you are not there by that time we will assume that you are not coming. The bus leaves school as soon as possible after the end of lessons and we are usually back at the Tourist Information Centre by 3.30pm.

7. How do I register my child for the walking bus?

   Registration forms are available from the school office. As it is important to make sure we have the correct child/adult ratio you will be asked to specify which session(s) your child will be using.

8. Will the Walking Bus go ahead in all weathers?

   Yes! So please try to ensure they have a coat if it is chilly and/or a waterproof. The museum pathways are mainly unpaved so in very wet weather can have lots of puddles, so a pair of wellingtons is also very useful.

9. I am worried my child won't remember things, how can I ensure letters/notes are returned to the school, dinner money handed in and books exchanged?

   Letters, notes or dinner money (preferably in an envelope) can all be given to Mrs Argent at the start or end of the day or via the school office.

10. How do I cancel my child's place (one-off occasion/permanent)?

   Cancelations, both one-off and permanent, can be made directly with Mrs Argent at the start or end of the day or via the school office.

11. Is there anywhere to park bikes/scooters at the museum?

   There is a bike rack, undercover, just inside the museum . You would need to check with the museum that they are happy for you to leave things there.

12. Is there anywhere to park bikes/scooters at school?

   We have bike and scooter racks at the school but it is not possible for childre to ride their bikes or scooters when they are on the bus.

13. How does the reward system work?

   Currently, after 50 journeys (a journey being either a.m. or p.m. or both on any one day) the children receive a flashing safety light courtesy of the Mid Suffolk District Council Safety Team. They also receive a certificate at the end of each term.

14. Who do I contact if I am running late to collect my child  from the Walking Bus?

   You can telephone the school office up to 3.10pm and they will be able to pass the information on.

15. Can I park at the museum?

No. During the time the Museum is open their car park is only for museum visitors. Parents/Carers can use the parking facility at Iliffe Way.