School Council

School Council

The School Council Elections take place at the end of September.  Every child in the school votes and has an equal opportunity to stand for election.  The elections are fair and done in a democratic way using ballot boxes and voting booths borrowed from the local council.  The children elected represent their class and attend regular meetings.

The Council is made up of four executive members from year 6 and two representatives from each year group in each class.  The executive members have specific jobs to do: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.  The Chairperson leads all of the meetings and the secretary takes the minutes.

Each class council member has the opportunity to feedback any problems or ideas from their class within a meeting.  These may have been discussed within a class council meeting giving every child within that class a chance to share their views and ideas.  These ideas or problems then form the agenda and are discussed within a meeting.  The Council try to resolve any problems and help some ideas to be put into action.  After a meeting the class council members feed back any relevant information to their class.

The School Council help to decide which charities the school should support.  So far this year the charities we have or are going to support include - 

The HEAL project in India, the money made from selling the harvest festival donations have helped us once again to sponsor Mounika a girl in India.

Children in Need on Friday 18th November 

Our newly appointed executive committee have already been busy along with year 5 class representatives, by running our Harvest Festival stall. They did a great job using their money skills.

Our treasurer has been busy learning their role, counting the money raised for Mounika. Next will be counting the donations for Children in Need.