Starting Foundation Stage

1. Do we get to visit your school before my child starts in September?

   Yes, in the summer term for some 'taster afternoons'.


2. Will my child start full-time straight away or is there a settling in period?

   There is a settling in time of part-time for the first two weeks, including some lunchtime sessions.


3. My child still sleeps in the afternoon, can they go home at lunchtime?

   We prefer it if all children start full time in September. Provision can be made for naps in school.


4. My child is still in nappies, can they still start school?

   Provision can be made for particular medical requirements. We encourage children to be independent in toilet use if possible.


5. What should I be teaching my child before they start school?

   Please see the 'Ready for School' leaflet on the website.


6. My child is having speech therapy, will they get any help at school?

   Yes, the Speech Therapist will advise us how to continue therapy at school.


7. My child has medical needs and is on medication. What should I do?

   Please speak to the class teacher, and together you can write a care plan.


8. Do I need to pack a spare set of clothes, a drink and snack like I did at pre-school?

   Your child will need water and a fruit snack. You can include spare clothes if they are likely to have an accident.


9. Is there a school uniform and PE kit? What else does my child need?

   Yes, your child will need school uniform and a PE kit. They will also need a school book bag.


10. Are the foundation stage kept apart from the rest of the children at playtimes?

   Yes, we have our own playground which we use until the children are ready to try the big playground, usually in the spring term.


11. What happens if my child gets very upset about being left at school?

   Your child will be well cared for by our staff, and very often children stop crying as soon as you have left.


12. How do I help my child learn to read?

   You can teach your child to love reading by sharing lots of books and stories.


13. If my child has a problem at school how do I speak to a teacher?

   You can ask to make an appointment, usually this will be after school.

14. Do we get to hear how our child is getting on at school and see their work?

   We have termly parents evenings to discuss progress and share learning. The 'My Learning Journey' book is also shared termly.

15. What time does school start and finish?

   8.45am - 3.10pm